Vít Kološ

Hello, my name is Vít Kološ.

My hobbies are informatics, maths, music, languages, and occasionally also politology or philosophy.


I graduated at Olga Havlova Grammar School in Ostrava-Poruba. Currently, I am studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague.


I enjoy programming and problem solving, I earn money mostly by creating websites and their administration.

As for the languages, apart from Czech and English, I am also fascinated by French, which I have been studying for eight years.

Regarding music, I like singing, dancing, playing the clarinet or ukulele, and also just listening to music.


Covid Portáldevelopment of some frontend components
Dcery 50. letwebsite administration and upkeep
Zpěvník pro scholydevelopment of a part of the frontend
eRouškaupkeep and further development of the website
Apartmán sv. Vítawebsite development
iGOHstudent website creation
Erasmus+project magazine website development
Suplování GOHMessenger bot development
Kána ČRweb presentation
MVE Mokřinkywebsite development